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[xfemale] hello darling
The hall has turned out beautifully; white church candles line the makeshift aisle and there’s just the right amount of light for everyone to see clearly. If anything, Bel has gone overboard with the flowers; white roses adorn the large archway where the altar stands, winding around it, and similar displays are on every surface. It’s a fairytale wedding, perhaps in the more traditional sense of the world -- a beautiful and wondrous atmosphere with a slight edge of danger, of tension.

Bel herself is in the back room at the moment with her bridesmaid, applying the finishing touches to her eyeliner, her hand almost trembling with anticipation. She's still not entirely finished adjusting her dress and veils, but her hair is tumbling in long yellow ringlets and she's practised walking in the stupidly high shoes enough to trust herself not to fall.

The doors are open, people free to enter and congregate. Instead of pews as one would find in a church, there are white-clothed tables with a light wooden stool for each invited guest. The bar is setting up to one side, and it seems like preparations are still underway, even as it turns to fifteen minutes before the event itself. This is the day they’ve been preparing for for weeks on end, and now everything should come together as intended. One can only hope.

(ooc: it's wedding tiems~ there's no posting order; threadhop and jack and backtag all over the place. after the ceremony there'll be a huge party with lots of booze for drunken shenanigans. have fun!)

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Here he is, sitting in the front row of his father/mother's incredibly... shocking wedding to a guy who he doesn't, surrounded by people and critters he also doesn't know. Is that a snake in the corner?

His life is so weird.

It's fortunate that he arrives early -- Bel had been meaning to speak with him before their wedding. She Moves quickly to catch Lester in her arms and then returns quickly to her makeshift dressing room.

"Lester. My apologies for the abrupt kidnapping. I wished to speak with you before the wedding and I thought I might ask something of you."

"Also," she adds with a grin and a twirl, "what do you think of the dress?"

One of the first people through the door gets some odd looks from other guests given he is dressed in a long black duster that has seen better days and his hair is pulled back in a ponytail. He makes no effort to greet anyone yet he simply walks to the altar kneels and prays before standing and moving to meet the bride.

His eyes sparkle with amusement and for a moment anyone who has the power to see such things would notice his aura of peace and the large white wings that flare from his coat.

"The flowers were a bit much sister," he teases, "you know how He feels when we show off."

"I am entitled to be ostentatious at my own wedding, brother, am I not?" she grins, pulling Gabriel into a hug and not minding in the least that he hadn't opted to dress up. It would look strange on him, anyway.

"I am glad you chose to attend. I issued an open invitation to those in Heaven but I feared that none would come; I am still something of a black sheep to them."

Riku has arrived via Gummi Ship, to make everything even more bizarre, with his two dates. He's not being the least bit subtle about it, considering they're walking in clinging to each other. Two suits, one dress.

Kairi's wearing something knee-length and slinky, in her usual choice of colors. There's also a silver flower decoration clipped into her hair. Her eyes widen as they walk in.

"Wow, it's so nice in here! I really like all the candles."

He loves weddings, and somehow he got the invitation to go. The Doctor has arrived in his white suit, and a spiffy black bow tie to go with it. It's just him, and he's got with him a fantastic looking present that looks sword shape with him. He wanders over towards the bride with his gift in hand.

"I somehow heard about a wedding! I'm sorry, that some of the others couldn't arrive, but that's Torchwood for you in a nut shell!" The Doctor's happy of course to come see his old friend.

"Well, you do dress up wonderfully, Doctor," Bel laughs, taking the gift from him and tugging him into a hug. "I am glad my invitation reached everyone; that they could not all attend was expected. Somewhere, a world likely needs saving that is far more important than my nuptials, I imagine."

"I'm going to die. This is the final time, I can feel it in my gut. Something awful is going to happen. Fire and brimstone." Reii was pacing in his own room, muttering darkly to himself. His hands roamed through his hair for the hundredth time. The man had somehow wandered out into the main room, moving here and there amongst the decorations. He stalked and slunk and made sure to find a quiet corner where he could be sure of his imminent demise.

"Hi hi hi Reii-pretty! Zephyr came to see the wedding!" Somehow Zephyr managed to incorporate every color of the rainbow into his outfit. He charges up to Reii and stops just short of a hug.

"Why does Reii-pretty not look SMILING?"

Jada walks in slowly, overwhelmed by the crowd, and takes a seat near the front. He'll speak if spoken to, but he's happy to wait until after the ceremony to catch the happy couple.

Telepaths are not permitted to forgo saying hello to the bride, Bel projects loudly into Jada's mind, a hint of amusement to her psychic tone. Also, this is not a funeral, so please do socialize or somesuch; I can sense you sulking from back here.

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Sam's dressed simply enough in a vertically black and white stripped sundress. There is a hint of makeup on their face and for once they've done something with their hair. Altogether, they look cute, as one does for a wedding.

They're buzzing with excited energy as they catalogue the people entering the room. They have a job, after all, Sam hasn't forgotten. It puts them on edge in a completely excellent way, though of course, they're hoping for some sort of wedding day disaster.

"Imp thing, I don't know if I ever learned your name or not. We had one conversation didn't we?" The man was aware he'd prompted the other to cause something of a ruckus, or at least encouraged having some fun. Now that he was here in the heart of things, he wasn't sure how into the entire scene he was.

Sam walks in sheepishly, but grins when he sees Bel. "You totally didn't invite me, you asshole! Who the hell managed to get you to, like, settle down and stuff? I've gotta meet this person."

Shuffling over for a hug. "Sorry I was gone so long, got caught up with a nest of shapeshifters and some demons. Creepy guys, but they told me about the wedding so I tracked my way back."

For a long moment, Bel just stares. This is impossible; beyond even the magic of her will. But Sam is there, and he does not appear to be melting away as some wishful-thinking inspired hallucination. But then -- "A shapeshifter, of course. You had us all believe you were dead. They keep to their last form when slain, I am sure you know.

We have been in mourning, little one," and she can barely speak for the feeling in her chest, the jagged hole where Sam was wrenched from her life refilling. Her arms wrap tightly around him, dress be damned, and she presses a -- purely platonic -- kiss to his lips.

"It is good to see you again."

And so the music began, that traditional song, Reii couldn't remember the name of it. Some stupid thing, it was the march. Although not the funeral one. He brushed his hands through his hair, waiting at the altar. Fidgeting was more an accurate description of his doings. He fussed with everything around him. A smile the furthest expression from his lips.

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The song was Canon in D by Pachelbel, the tune to which Bel rather likes, despite having heard it at many of her previous weddings. While everything is quickly being set up, she's managed to duck behind the door and clip the short veil down over her face.

Now gathering everyone to her -- Abigail at one side, and Lester, bearing the rings, at the other -- she has time for one long deep breath before she opens the door and manages a fairly graceful walk to join Reii at the altar. Her breath is stilted, and if she's blushing it's fortunately obscured by a thin layer of netted fabric.

She shoots Reii a rather nervous smile, slipping his hand into hers and listening as the sermon begins.

Sarah was so thrilled about this whole thing, a wedding! Weddings were where the best of people came out! She loved to see all of the preparations and the everything. The blonde woman sat in the middle of the room, giggling softly.

"Having fun, sweetie?" She'd brought a plus one, Bel said she could!

Aria had dressed in his finest and was quite content sitting alone and out of the way to enjoy the ceremony. He didn't know anyone, and he was a bit too shy to start conversations, but he was happy enough. Bel had been so kind to him and he just wanted to be there to offer his support.
His surroundings made him a little sad, reminding him of his own wedding so long ago and how happy he'd been, but he hoped Bel would have all the happiness that he'd had in those days, just hopefully for many more years than he did.

The maid of honor, dressed in red, makes a point of approaching Aria when she sees him alone. "I don't think I've made your acquaintance yet." Her voice is soft, accent Irish, and she offers a hand with nails painted a deep wine red. "I'm Abigail."

Abigail wore a red dress salvaged from the Maestro's TARDIS wardrobe. Her hair was curled and pinned, and she was relatively uncomfortable so exposed in such a bright color. But this was for Belphegor and Reii--they wouldn't want her in her usual gloomy blacks and grays.

Before the ceremony, she helped set up for the reception, but during the actual wedding she was the maid of honor, at Bel's side with tissues for if (when, perhaps) the blonde started to cry at the joyfulness of the event.

"Abigail, having fun?" He muttered from the side of his mouth, not casting a glance at the woman. He was standing nearby, a plate with a single slice of cake sat untouched in one of his hands. He wasn't much for cake or sweets. It was good that Abigail had been there to set everything up. Better that nothing terrible had happened as of yet.

Kuja makes his own entrance in the usual way, teleporting in surrounded by blue light and odd foreign symbols. He's wearing his typical outfit, just to shock people.

"Good afternoon."

"Hello, you whatever your name is." Reii responded to the man teleporting in with some distaste.

Logan is definitely the kid who went home and googled "what to wear to a wedding" after getting the invitation-- yes, he could have asked any number of people, but he is independent and can figure these things out himself, okay. So he's here in his nicest pair of black trousers, a white dress shirt, and a blue striped tie. There was a part in his hair, his mother made sure of that, but it doesn't seem to have survived the trip over.

It strikes him, as he goes to sit down, that he doesn't think he actually knows anyone here. Well, no time like the present to start meeting people.

Reii and Logan had spoken before, at least he was almost positive he'd spoken to the kid once or twice. Probably more the former. The man approached the kid, arms folded gently about his chest, suit clad and ridiculous feeling.

"Hullo, I'm not sure I got your name. Welcome to the event."

Meanwhile, Jude was a little more conspicuous than usual in a borrowed suit jacket over clean t-shirt and jeans. He got a wee bit tearful-eyed during the ceremony, the big softie. His daughter, in a frock and swirly cape made by her mam, rolled her eyes and cleaned him up.

It's definitely a joyous celebration -- and now they're mingling, glad that they came.

After their vows and the first dance, Bel finds her way to Jude and greets him with an enthusiastic hug.

"I am glad you could make it, Jude. And this must be your lovely daughter..."

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